Eagles Sign Huge WR Ifeanyi Momah – Could Rival Megatron One Day

The Eagles have signed 6’7″ 239lb former Boston College standout WR Ifeanya Momah.  There was a time when I would hear about the Eagles acquiring a tall wr prospect and I would immediately… Read More

Eagles Trade for Arrelious Benn: Brings Size to WR Core

The Eagles have acquired wide receiver Arrelious Benn and a seventh-round pick from the Bucs in exchange for the Eagles sixth-round pick and a conditional pick in 2014. Benn (6-2, 220) was originally… Read More

The Case for Geno Smith in Philadelphia

I can’t say I love the idea of the Eagles taking Geno Smith #4 overall, but we really need to prepare for the reality that Chip Kelly might just draft him there. Geno… Read More

Eagles Free Agency – Day Three Recap – Some Meaningful Signings

After a full day of no activity the Eagles shocked everyone by actually signing some more players. I can’t say this group of players wet my appetite much more than the first group… Read More

Eagles Free Agency – Day One Recap – Need More Meaningful Signings

Well the first day of Offseason Christmas came and went. Though many teams got a lot of great gifts I can’t help feeling like Santa skipped Philadelphia entirely. This is what we all… Read More

NFL Free Agency – New League Year Brings New Beginning for Eagles

NFL Free Agency Kicks Off Today at 4PM ET. The long awaited day is finally here. Offseason Christmas is upon us. After a very long month of waiting, we are going to be… Read More

Eagles Workout Geno Smith – Potential Fit in Chip Kelly’s New Offense

The Eagles conducted a private workout with West Virginia QB Geno Smith on the eve of NFL free agency. The Eagles currently hold the #4 overall pick and may just be doing their… Read More

Eagles – Free Agent Search – Defensive Backs

Free Agent Veteran DBs are plentiful this year. Here is my quick list of potential Eagles targets via Free Agency. Free Agent Corner Backs Free Agent Safeties Brent Grimes Dashon Goldson Chris Gamble… Read More

Eagle Rumor Mill – Darrelle Revis in Midnight Green?

There has been talk that the Eagles may pursue a trade with the Jets for all star, pro-bowl, just injured, heavy priced, apparently underpaid cornerback Darrelle Revis. In a perfect world I would… Read More

GIFS – Howie and Dave Have a Chat

Howie and Dave sat down to talk about their excitement for the Chip Kelly hire, but all they could do was bounce enthusiastically. This is one of Howie’s power moves. Here is Dave… Read More

The Rise of Chip Kelly: How Chip Kelly is the Anti-Reid

Chip Kelly is more than just a man; he’s an idea, the idea of a man who isn’t bound by convention. He could be anybody, a lowly bum a street, a vigilante billionaire,… Read More

The Fall of Andy Reid

I have always respected Andy Reid. There was a time when I would always give him the benefit of the doubt, but after years of seeing his deficiencies kill the Eagles on Sunday… Read More

Early Predictions for the Philadelphia Eagles’ 2012 Final Roster

The majority of the Philadelphia Eagles’ 53-man roster is already a given.  However, there are a few lingering questions as far as how the numbers game goes as well as a few spots… Read More

Philadelphia Eagles Fan Art: Shady is a Monster

LeSean McCoy in all of his Eagle Green Glory with a Frankenstein glow in a eerie green fog. (Click picture for sharper view) EagleFury is the spot to find Eagles Fan Art. Have… Read More

Early Look at Philadelphia Eagles LB Depth Chart

One of the most intriguing roster battles on the entire Eagles roster this offseason is the competition for the starting three linebacker positions. Last year the Eagle linebacker situation was something of a… Read More