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GIFS – Howie and Dave Have a Chat

Howie and Dave sat down to talk about their excitement for the Chip Kelly hire, but all they could do was bounce enthusiastically. This is one of Howie’s power moves. Here is Dave… Read More

Breaking Down the Eagles Draft Picks

I found myself thinking at the start of the draft that the only way for Reid and the Eagles to be unexpected was to do the expected. Draft everyone that everyone has told… Read More

The Search for Dawkins Replacement Goes On

After years of searching, the Eagles still haven’t adequately replaced the presence that was Brian Dawkins. He was a force, almost like a supernatural entity on the defense. He was a ball hawking,… Read More

We Need Andy Reid to Do a Better Job

In order for the Eagles to get where they want to go Andy Reid is going to have to bring his A game every single day. I don’t care if he has to… Read More