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The Rise of Chip Kelly: How Chip Kelly is the Anti-Reid

Chip Kelly is more than just a man; he’s an idea, the idea of a man who isn’t bound by convention. He could be anybody, a lowly bum a street, a vigilante billionaire,… Read More

Marvin McNutt Can Become Mr. Red Zone For Eagles

The Eagles selected WR Marvin McNutt in the 6th round of the NFL Draft. The fact that he slid as far as he did is purely astonishing. McNutt, a converted quarterback, has only… Read More

Chris Polk and LeSean McCoy Could be Thunder and Lightning

The Eagles signed Chris Polk, the undrafted free agent running back out of Washington University, quickly following the draft; scraping up possibly the greatest steal in NFL Draft history.  Chris Polk was graded… Read More

Michael Vick Improved Passer, But Needs to Run

Michael Vick’s resurrection as a football player has been truly miraculous. Not only has he changed his attitude toward life, but also his work ethic. In 2010 when Vick burst back onto the… Read More