Eagles Sign Huge WR Ifeanyi Momah – Could Rival Megatron One Day

Ifeanyi Momah

Ifeanyi Momah brings size to Philly.

The Eagles have signed 6’7″ 239lb former Boston College standout WR Ifeanya Momah.  There was a time when I would hear about the Eagles acquiring a tall wr prospect and I would immediately think our redzone problems were fixed, but that is never the case. I think what will be telling going forward is how differently receivers will be used in this new offense, especially tall receivers. Andy Reid was out to play small ball. It’s no wonder his teams kept coming up small in big situations. Chip Kelly values size anywhere he can get it. Who would have thought that bigger men can beat up smaller men?

Unlike many other Eagles receivers, Ifeanya Momah knows how to use his height to his advantage, jumping high over defenders with ease. Though he has more than size, he reportedly ran a 4.5 second 40 yard dash at the BC Pro Day. The Eagles have gone after tall receivers before, but 6′-2″ or 6′-3″ is nothing compared to the massive 6′-7″ frame of our latest signing. Even Randy Moss is only 6′-4″. Calvin Johnson is only 6′-5″.

I’m not saying this makes Momah in any way better than Megatron, but it does help put things in perspective. He’s two inches closer to any high pass than the best receiver in the game and the way I see it that means the ball can be thrown higher and further away from defenders, in this game of inches that could mean more catches, more first downs, more touchdowns, and more wins. If Chip Kelly analyzes everything it’s likely this is his exact rationale. Does it really matter if you have a 6′-3″ corner if he is facing a 6′-7″ monster receiver?

We haven’t even talked about Momah’s weight yet, he is 239lbs. Calvin Johnson weights 236lbs. They are at least comparable. Hard to imagine a guy with that much height, weight, and speed not being a force with the ball in the air.

Now as far as vertical jump is concerned, Calvin Johnson has a vertical leap of 43 inches and for the life of me I can’t find what Momah’s vertical leap was measured at, but seeing how similar his frame is to Megatron’s it’s likely his vertical leap is similar or just under Megatron’s. Who knows, perhaps the Eagles just signed Optimus Prime? Time will tell how Momah develops, but he has all the measurables to be as good as or even possibly better than Megatron if all the stars align.

With all that being said, let’s see if he can make the team before we crown him king of the jump ball.

The news isn’t all good however, the only reason Momah was available to sign immediately is because he isn’t technically a rookie. He was a senior in 2011 and tore his acl in the home opener that season and missed the entire 2012 season rehabbing his knee. So he worked out for some scouts at the BC Pro Day and wowed everyone. He hasn’t played in two years and has never played a snap in any kind of NFL action. So he is essentially a rookie.

It’s hard to imagine him making this team outright, but if he can pick up the offense and be even slightly capable at wide receiver he would be a huge upgrade over Riley Cooper, and I dare you to argue with that.

Howie Roseman was “intrigued” by Momah and said that signing him essentially gives the Eagles an extra draft pick. The Eagles will be able to put Momah in the offseason training program and I believe will get to see him in a voluntary OTA before the draft, so they should have a good idea going into the draft if they need to look at other receivers.

Chip Kelly loves athletic freaks and if he continues to stock pile players with great size and speed this team could be very formidable indeed.

What do you think of this latest Eagles signing? Would you prefer to keep Momah over Cooper? Of course you would.

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