The Search for Dawkins Replacement Goes On

After years of searching, the Eagles still haven’t adequately replaced the presence that was Brian Dawkins. He was a force, almost like a supernatural entity on the defense. He was a ball hawking, head hunting bounty hunter from the future. He crept around, lurking around the line of scrimmage line a damn crow over a soon to be corpse.

I will never forget his contributions in that 44-6 thrashing of the Cowboys years ago to seal a playoff berth for the Eagles and to assure a Cowboy retreat to seclusion, where Jerry sat in his palace and muttered endlessly about those damn Eagles.

I have always loved the symbol that was presented by Dawk and his dark visor, it made him look like the grim reaper.  I miss that presence so much. I loved seeing his pregame antics, I could imagine him doing that on an ancient battlefield to strike fear into the hearts of his enemies. He was so fearless too, I could easily imagine him doing this:

This guy could stalk the Predator. You can’t tell me you wouldn’t love to see this movie:

After two NFL drafts and 2 second round picks spent, I’m no closer to saying that Dawkins replacement is on the roster. Although Jaiquawn Jarrett has some potential and Kurt Coleman shows flashes of doom bringing, but nothing is confirmed yet.

Many people say that S Mark Barron out of Alabama is a good pick for the Eagles in the first round, but I just can’t see them spending a high pick on a safety again. Although I must say with a name like Barron he could make for a powerful symbol in that secondary. The “Barron” of Bad News or The “Barron” of Boom. Those are just semantics, what matters is can he play? I’m a big believer on using your first two draft picks on key role players. You draft someone who will be on the field 95% of their snaps, not a rotational DT who may get to see half the plays.

At this point it looks like our best bet to fill the gap at safety is to sign Yeremiah Bell formerly of the Dolphins and hope that Jaiquawn spawns into beast by regular season’s end.

What do you think of the safety position? Any other potential draftees at safety? What was your favorite Brian Dawkins moment?