Eagles Trade for LB Demeco Ryans

We have officially entered the Twilight Zone. The Eagles just addressed the linebacker position, and when I say addressed it I don’t mean they robbed the 49ers practice squad. I mean they traded for one of the best middle linebackers in the league. After Patrick Willis and Jon Beason, I can’t think of a MLB better in the NFC than the newcomer Ryans.  The Eagles were able to snag him away from the Texans by giving up nothing more than a 4th round pick and swapping 3rd round picks. To put this in perspective, they drafted Casey Matthews last year in the fourth round. He was totally inexperienced and it showed most of the season. Now that they have traded for Demeco Ryans for essentially the same price, it’s like they drafted an all pro veteran.

Pure genius! Andy Reid can’t miss on draft picks if he lets other teams do the picking for him.  Demeco Ryans was coming off an Achilles injury last year and didn’t play particularly well in the Texans new 3-4 system, but before his injury the previous year he was one of the best MLB’s in a 4-3 defense.

Demeco is also a very vocal leader and is possibly the key to resurrecting the defensive fire that has cooled since Brian Dawkins departure.  After years of fan complaint that Andy Reid doesn’t value the LB position, Reid just opened the team wallet and valued the heck out of it. This is the best Andy Reid is ever going to do at the position, so I suggest you live it up now.

This is a great insight into Reid’s new mindset this offseason. Sign your own guys to the contract extensions they deserve and build some morale, get great players to fill the gaping holes you have and then stop. The worst thing the Eagles did last year was keep signing people after they signed Cullen Jenkins they kept signing big name players just for the sake of signing them and created a circus, which was much too out of character, after all we’re not the New York Jets.

The Ryans trade is a good start, but nowhere near enough help for this defensive roster, must add more talented players, especially at LB and Safety.