Breaking Down the Eagles Draft Picks

I found myself thinking at the start of the draft that the only way for Reid and the Eagles to be unexpected was to do the expected. Draft everyone that everyone has told you to draft. “We’ll that’s the least likely thing the Eagles could do.” So that’s exactly what they did. Reid loves to be unexpected and he couldn’t help himself here.

Lets take a look at how well the Eagles did.

Round 1 – Fletcher Cox, DT, Mississippi St.

This was a big shocker. I can’t believe that Fletcher Cox fell as far as he did. When the time came the Eagles had no choice but to trade up from #15 to #12 and take him. He is the perfect fit for Jim Washburn’s Wide 9 Scheme, and if Washburn believes he can help that’s good enough for me. Time will tell how well he does. He was projected by many to be the best DT in this draft, we can only hope he turns into a force that makes an already decent line very deadly. At first I hated this pick, but then found myself to be grateful that at least they didn’t pick a DE in the first and cross their fingers.





Round 2 – Mychael Kendricks, LB, Cal

I am so pumped about this pick. He is a force at linebacker, with freakish ability. It’s almost like he’s an alien put here to pump out swagger and envelop ball carriers. He is 5’11″ 240lbs and doesn’t seem to be phased by his apparently small stature. This guy is built like a truck, I’m surprised he doesn’t actually tear through the ball carriers chest once he makes contact. He is a ball of energy, gives 100% on every play and hates laziness. He fits the Eagle mold quite well.  Seeing him teamed up with Demeco Ryans will be something special indeed.


Round 2 – Vinny Curry, DE, Marshall

This pick was a surprise, but the value was just too great for the Eagles to pass up. This guy seems to blow through people like he’s running through clothes hanging on a clothes line. He is actually a long time Eagles fan and seem to be overjoyed to just be in the same room as Eagle players. It will probably take him some time to adjust and lose some of the star striking, but he has the potential to become a key contributor to this defensive line rotation.  I can already imagine hearing his name called late in the season as division foe QBs are pulling themselves off the turf, dirtied and shamed.


Round 3 – Nick Foles, QB, Arizona

This pick was a waste, but it’s Andy Reid, you take the good with the bad. I don’t know what Reid would do if he didn’t have a QB project to work on, maybe he would focus on game day strategy and clock management.  At any rate Foles gets thrown into the QB group where he will apparently compete for a roster spot, while really Mike Kafka and Trent Edwards battle for the #2 spot and the loser gets the boot.



Round 4 – Brandon Boykin, CB/KR, Georgia

Loved this pick. The Eagles actually drafting a player that has experience in the role they will use him in? I can’t believe it. He will be the new generation of slot corner for the Eagles. Pushing Joselio Hanson for a starting spot, and possibly pushing Joselio right off the roster. He was projected to go in the 2nd round but, injury and size concerns made him drop. He is apparently 100% and ready to contribute from day one. He is also a very good kick returner and will fill a need that the Eagles have had for many years.



Round 5 – Dennis Kelly, OT, Purdue

This guy wasn’t even invited to the combine. Andy Reid compared him to Jon Runyan, so I guess that means something. He may be just a camp body or he may push the leftover OL camp bodies left on the roster from last year off the roster.




Round 6 – Marvin McNutt, WR, Iowa

Loved this pick. I can’t remember the last time I loved so many Eagles picks. Eagles fans were clamoring for this guy since round 2, miraculously he was still available in round 6. He has been said to be a very fluid WR, which helps the chances of him fitting into such a fluid offense. At 6’3″  216lbs, this guy is the redzone target Eagles fans have been dying to get. What this most assuredly means is that Plaxico Burress’ enthusiastic pleas to join the Eagles will be for not. This hopefully also means that the very unwell known Riley Cooper will go the way of the Dodo, flightless; that’s right, wings cut, on the street looking for work, before Reid begrudgingly lets him join the practice squad. McNutt is a big step up at the 3rd WR position. He’s not a day one starter, but he has a much higher ceiling than Cooper and could become something truly great.

Round 6 – Brandon Washington, OL, Miami

No real opinion on this pick. Reid got another toy for Howard Mudd to play with. I figure it’s best so Mudd doesn’t get jealous of all of Jim Washburn’s new shiny action figures. Cox has pelvic thrust action!!







Round 7 – Bryce Brown, RB, Kansas State

This pick is just a flier on a potential star. Bryce Brown was said to not be “all in” with the Kansas State football team. Reid seemed to think that was probably the case, but who cares, our team is better and easier to keep a young players attention. I don’t think his past really matters much, after all, if he takes a shot at the NFL for granted we only spent a 7th round pick on him.




To sum up, I was very pleased with this draft, especially after being really disappointed in the last two drafts. The Eagles addressed key positions, but didn’t do it in a way that compromised their overall draft success. They let the good players come to them. When you draft that way you assure that you’re getting good players and if you miss out on a certain position fill it with a signing.

The Eagles still need to address the safety position, hopefully they sign former dolphin Yeremiah Bell and plug him in. He would be a great big bow on this very successful draft weekend.

What are your impressions of the Philadelphia Eagles draft? Which picks did you love or hate? How well will they fit in and how soon do you think can they contribute?