Marvin McNutt Can Become Mr. Red Zone For Eagles

Marvin McNutt AKA Mr. Red Zone

The Eagles selected WR Marvin McNutt in the 6th round of the NFL Draft. The fact that he slid as far as he did is purely astonishing. McNutt, a converted quarterback, has only played the wide receiver position for three years, but that fact is lost on anyone who sees him play. Putting a player with this much athleticism as a quarterback would really be a waste.

During his time as a Hawkeye, McNutt showed great ability to play the ball, separate from coverage, and show off some tremendous catching. Though McNutt is prone to drop passes he frequently makes freak catches in traffic and several of those have been one handed catches. He has big hands which makes the catching look effortless. He has the potential to be a very good possession and red zone receiver in the NFL. The Eagles have been lacking a good red zone target for many years and McNutt may be the key to solving or at least lessening the Eagles red zone woes.

Take a look at his highlights and tell me that you’re not at least a little pumped about his potential impact on the Eagles offense.

Marvin McNutt Career Highlights:


McNutt has a very high ceiling and though many may doubt how well he’ll translate to the NFL, you have to acknowledge his impact in college and his accomplishments. He led the big 10 in receiving yards per game and broke numerous school records such as most receiving yards in a season (1,315) and career (2,861) and single-season touchdown (12) and career touchdown receptions (28).

How big of an impact do you think McNutt can have in year one and beyond? Can he become the red zone presence we need him to be?

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