The Rise of Chip Kelly: How Chip Kelly is the Anti-Reid

Chip Kelly Eagles

Chip Kelly is more than just a man; he’s an idea, the idea of a man who isn’t bound by convention. He could be anybody, a lowly bum a street, a vigilante billionaire, for all you know I could be Chip Kelly; but for the sake of this story let’s focus on the Eagles new head coach Chip Kelly.

Chip Kelly represents everything that Andy Reid is NOT.  An innovator, prone to run more than pass, who does so much research and planning that he isn’t likely to be outcoached on game day. This man has no family; all he has is his work. He is open to hear different opinions and all he cares about is winning, no matter what it takes or how it is accomplished. He has just assembled a very diverse coaching staff that has extensive experience on both the college and professional level. Chip Kelly has voiced a desire to work to the strengths of his players even if that means altering his scheme to do so. He has stuck to that proclamation so closely that you almost wonder if that was a condition of his employment with the Eagles.

Team owner Jeffrey Lurie just spent the last two years watching Andy Reid drive his team into the dirt by continuing to focus on the pass game even with a struggling offensive line. Reid is a salesman of convention. Sure Reid likes to make outside the box moves, but those moves are plugged directly into his orthodox schemes. When Reid would bring “wrinkles” to game day plans, they were little more than an end around to Jackson, or maybe a new shovel pass; nothing that couldn’t be adjusted to or just stopped all together. He liked the big play, especially on the first play of the game; everyone knew that, especially his opponents.

Jeffrey Lurie is a nice guy, I’m sure he respects the hell out of Andy Reid as a person, but I can’t even imagine that hatred that has toward Reid as a coach after all these years of failure. Reid had fed the same garbage to Lurie that he had fed to fans. It became clear that Reid didn’t have a plan, or at least a plan that people could believe in and a change was needed.

Chip Kelly is the Anti-Reid. It was almost as if Kelly was forged in a volcano 49 years ago to be the eventual savior of the Philadelphia Eagles one day.   He’s just spent the last 48 years climbing the ladder. When is the last time Reid even considered anything in the realm of “Sports Science” that might affect how his team would play on game day? Chip Kelly has hired a “Sports Science Coordinator” to oversee Eagles players’ nutrition and amount of sleep. Compared to Chip Kelly, Andy Reid is a clueless relic of an NFL head coach who no longer knows what it takes to win in today’s NFL.

There is much uncertainty ahead, but that’s amazing. I can’t tell you how excited I am to be uncertain of things. I’ve spent years knowing exactly what to expect from Andy Reid and just hoping this year might be the year he could pull his crap together and finally win the big game; it never happened, even though he got close. Chip Kelly brings so much innovation to the NFL, if he struggles as all, at least it won’t be in the same ways Reid struggled; and because Kelly has assistant coaches with NFL experience on his staff his learning curve should be less. At any rate, after a few years of getting his feet wet in the NFL, there should be no excuses for lack of success. Chip Kelly is the real deal; we didn’t take a flyer on a QB coach this time. Chip Kelly has head coach experience and knows what it takes to succeed.

As we approach the start of the new league year the excitement builds. We really haven’t seen much that would reveal how Chip Kelly likes to do things. He is almost more secretive than Andy Reid was which I suppose is a good thing. Chip Kelly is familiar with convincing potential players to come to his school. In many ways NFL Free Agency is very similar. Who Chip Kelly signs and how aggressively he pursues potential signees will shed a lot of light on the kind of coach he will be in the NFL.

After two horrible years of Eagles football, we have a new beginning and the future is very exciting.